Vertical Degerminator Machine

Slow rotate speed and gentle beating

DTP series maize degerminator machine is utilised to assist in the separation of bran and germ from the endosperm in maize after cleaning and peeling.

It consists of a conical inner cone which rotates and rubs the maize kernels against an outer cone in order to remove the bran and germ from the endosperm. The outer cone has two large area screens to allow the fines to escape from the process to ensure a fat content of below 1% in the final product. The gap between the cones is adjustable to suit various sizes of maize kernels and the machine is equipped with an adjustable discharge flap valve to adjust the pressure in the treatment chamber. An electronic feeding device can be attached to vary the inlet capacity into the machine in order to keep the operating capacity constant which enhances the performance.

Vertical structure which saves space

Vertical degerminator machine  Vertical degerminator machine structrue