Maize Miller

Pneumatic Maize MillPneumatic Milling Machine

Maize milling machine is a main part for maize processing. This type includes upper and lower parts, the former is made of steel material while the base to the latter of cast iron. The feeding system adopts modular design which can be moved out as a whole. The material feeding system can be driven separately and space between rollers can be adjusted sensitively.

Manual Double Maize Mill

Manual Double Type Milling Machine

KFMFG series adopts up-to-date technology with brand new construction and perfect characters. It is proper to produce flour and starch by milling and grinding. Featuring high rotation precision of roll, fine adjusting of roll clearance, accurately feeding and low noise, it is environment-friendly and can work without shaking. It is best for small and medium sized flour factories.

Model Sizes of  the roller(mm) Dia. of the feeding roller(mm) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimensions(mm)(L×W×H)
KFMFG4×2 ∮250-∮220 2×∮74 4-11 1310 1200×1490×1700
KFMFG5×2 ∮250-∮220 2×∮74 4-15 1680 1300×1490×1700
KFMFG6×2 ∮250-∮220 2×∮74 4-18.5 2000 1400×1490×1700

Maize Flour Milling Machine

6F Series Milling Machine

6F series is a kind of unilaterally oblique plane machine on a smaller scale which adopts rolling bearing and has high efficiency yet low friction and power consumption. It is fit for single and complete running, featuring easy operation and compact construction.

Model Dia. of the roller(mm) Length of the roller(mm) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimensions(mm)(L×W×H)
6F2235 220 350 3-11 480 900×600×620
6F2240 220 400 4-15 500 950×600×620
6F2250 220 500 4-15 540 1000×600×680
6F2540 250 400 5.5-15 850 1100×640×680
6F2550 250 500 5.5-18.5 870 1200×640×680
6F2560 250 600 5.5-18.5 1000 1300×640×680