Maize Degerming Equipment

Maize Degerming Theory

inner structure of maize seeds

There is slit between maize endosperm and germ, it will become larger when maize absorbs certain water, because of different expansion rate. When the raw materials go through the maize degerming machine, the plate inner moves the fly swiftly to the curved wall of machine. Due to the density of endosperm heavier than germ, the endosperm firstly hits on curved wall and break down, and the germ comes out from corn.

The mixture is transported to sifter and removed away the big endosperm which is bigger than 4 mesh. Then the germ mixture goes to germ extractors. The mixture is put on the middle of sift of the maize degerming machine, and suspend on sift due to the air current coming up through sift. Germ is light, and endosperm is heavy, so the germ is up and endosperm is down. While the sift is vibrating again and again, the germ moves up due to the convex of sifter, on the contrary, the endosperm go down. Finally, the germ is separated from maize.