Germ Extraction Machine

maize germ extracting machineYMTPX Series Gravity Germ Extracting Machine

The mixture of endosperm germ and peels go through our YMTPX maize germ extraction machine and suspending on its inner sifter due to air flow comes from bottom to top.

Germ Extracting Process

Germ is light, and endosperm is heavy, so the germ is up and endosperm is down. While the sifter is vibrating again and again, the germ moves up due to the convex of sift, on the contrary, the endosperm go down. So, finally germ is separated individually. It has similar theory as destoner.

Gravity germ extracting machine sketch

1. It can be applied in flour plant, feeds plant and oil plant. It is ideal machine for extracting germs from maize.
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