Maize Grits Mill

Application in both dry and wet maize grits production conditions, beautiful appearance, durability, convenient operation and reliable performance. Our maize grits machines could finish cleaning, hull peeling, embryos, radicel and black hilum removing, crushing, grain processing, classifying, polishing and intensive selecting, your reliable maize milling machine manufacturers.

Maize Grits Mill maize grits milling

DNM-3 Maize Grits Machine
Compact structure, low power consumption and easy maintenance, it is used in a multifunctional way to dehull maize, making maize grits and milling maize flour. It includes two parts, one for dehulling and the other for grits and powder processing, which can work either simultaneously or independently in flexibility.

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimensions(mm)
DNM-3 1000 7.5 330 2200*600*1200


Maize Grits Machine maize grits making machine

FW-D1 Maize Grits Machine

Featuring the compact structure, elegant appearance and simple operation as well as working in a multifunctional way, the machine consists chiefly of two parts, one for maize cleaning, dehulling, embryos and black hilum removing, and the other for grits and powder processing, besides, the size of the fine grits can be customized.

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Dimensions(mm)
FW-D1 400-500 11 2000*500*1000

Final products pictures for your reference

1# maize grits
2# maize grits
3# maize grits
4# maize grits 5# maize grits