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Second Maize Mills for Sale in South Africa

In South Africa, 60% of the maize consumption is used in food and pharmacy, while 40% is used in feed. Due to the excessive maize supply exceeding demands, maize is exported to neighboring countries more than one million tons every year. Thus, second maize mills for sale in South Africa will do much good to the economy of South Africa and the farmers’ maize milling. maize mills

Maize flour is rich in large amounts of nutrition. The cellulose content of fresh maize is 6-8 times than polished rice and fine wheat flour, which can reduce the concentration of cholesterol in human body’s blood to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Eating maize flour often can also inhibit cancer drug side effects to human body, stimulate brain cells and strengthen man’s memory. The second maize mills for sale in South Africa from our company can meet your eating demands.

Our second maize mills for sale in South Africa are durable. Their parts are strong which have good performance. Our machines have large hopper which can mill large quantities of flour at one time. You can mill whatever flour you want: specialty flour, fine flour and coarse flour. Besides, our products also have warranty and can provide you patient and wonderful after sale service. The prices of our products are reasonable which can satisfy your demands and is within your purchasing capability.

We are KMEC, a professional and good manufacturer of different kinds of milling machines. Our products are also multi-functional which can be used to grind wheat, sweet potatoes, barleys and oats. So are you ready now? Our second maize mills for sale in South Africa are a surprise for you today!